How To Size & Choose a Compatible A/C Unit

  • Air Conditioners MUST have a Digital Display and Automatic Restart
  • °CoolBot is COMPATIBLE with Window and Mini-Split Air Conditioners - see Compatibility List for brands
  • °CoolBot is NOT COMPATIBLE with Portable A/Cs*, Central A/Cs, RV A/Cs, Roof-mount A/Cs, PTACs or Cassette type Mini-Splits
  • SIZE your A/C following our Quick Reference A/C Sizing Chart or our using A/C Size Calculator 


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LG is our preferred A/C brand.

Haier, Danby, GE and Frigidaire are common compatible window A/C brands.

Haier HWE window models are not compatible.

Most window A/C units over 8K may have secondary sensors.

LG and Haier window A/Cs DO NOT have secondary sensors.

LG window dual inverter compressor models HAVE secondary sensors.

A/C Secondary Sensor Guide available for download at our Support Library.

Frigidaire, Arctic King and some Danby window A/Cs have a minimum ON cycle time set from the factory; using an over-sized window A/C from one of these brands may lead you to
experience colder than set temperatures or ice ups. Please use the recommended size A/C.

Quick Reference A/C Sizing Chart

Quick Reference A/C Sizing Chart (Metric)

Air Conditioners with Secondary Sensor

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Mini-Split A/C Installation Guide

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Window Air Conditioner Wall Installation